Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Reluctant Blogger

 So this is the part when I admit that I, yes, me, Sandy, is a reluctant blogger. Of course, if you have ever stumbled upon my blog you would see that very quickly. I mean, my last post was somewhere in the world of December 2010. And yet, I really love to blog, in my head that is. I have all these awesome stories to share and funny anecdotes and great tutorials!! No really, I do! It's just that by the time I get to the computer a week or two later.. I have talked myself out of them. So, my original excuse is I don't really have time to blog since I am remodeling and landscaping CedarBerry constantly and usually into the wee hours of the morning. That excuse doesn't hold water, though. I do have time to drive 30 minutes to Branson at least three times a week for a mocha. Man, they even have WiFi so I could blog there. I could pretend to be the very chic and cosmopolitan Abby Kerr Inc, blogging ala coffee shop style. So hip, so now! Lack of time excuse doesn't hold water or coffee, rats.


Ok, next excuse, please. Well, I really don't have any uber family history or regional claim to fame. The completely charming and lovely Southern Belle Simple is oh so southern and sweet, why sugar wouldn't melt in her mouth, I do declare! She rocks the regional blog world of the beautiful south. Me, I'm not even from Arkansas, I just moved here to take advantage of an opportunity to make a life long dream come true. Oh, wait, I just blew a hole in that excuse, didn't I? That whole lifelong dream thingy... Umm yeah.. Next!!!

One of CedarBerry's neighbors

Here's a good one. I know this excuse is perfect. I have not found my voice yet.. Nester is an awesome voice! Her blog just resonates with her beautiful voice. She really sounds like that in person...Yes I have met the gracious lady and she is as compassionate and amazing in person as she sounds on her blog. As for me, I just sound ...goofy and like I don't always think things through before I say them and I talk in run on sentences and when I get reaLLY EXCITED SOMETIMES I TALK WAY TOO LOUD like I... just ... did and crud. There goes another excuse. I pretty much sound like this all the time so I guess that would be my voice. ARRGGHH!!

Maybe I should just list my excuses for reluctance...quicker, right?
Not as creative as The Pink Couch
Not as talented as Melissa Dinwiddie
Not as spunky as Citizen K
Not as accomplished as My Heart 4 Him
Not as nurturing or insightful as Some Girls Website

Gosh, that's a whole bunch of "not as's".. Maybe the real issue here is I consider my blog to be like CedarBerry. My personal and intimate creative world that I really have never shared with anyone. It's my art in word form. It's my heart in word and place. It's the one time in my life that I am opening up to me and discovering who I really am. I am also hoping to be accepted and make CedarBerry an escape for artists and those who are like me - just discovering they are artists..

I was once told by the precious and encouraging Stress Free Baby to post everyday. No excuses, just do it, no matter what. Then, of course the brilliant Scott Stratten of Unmarketing shared at Blissdom "Don't post unless you've got something to say". Wow! Amazing insight, right? I also read a great blog that I cannot for the life of me remember who or where that said "It's your blog" That simple.. own it. So I think I am going to take the advice of all three of these fabulous people. I will post when I have something to say, I will plan for it to be everyday and I will claim it as my blog. 

And someone please tell me I am not alone in this blog swamp!! Anybody know where I read the "It's your blog" Help me please..Really want to read it again and give credit!