Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Culture of Art


Sometimes you see in life what you think is exactly what you’re going to do. You’ve been handed this amazing opportunity and you grab it. This is a good thing, a really great thing! You run with it, not blindly but in a focused intentional manner. You have all the giddy feelings that come with a new project. It’s almost like being in love…it’s all you can talk about, all you think about, drives your friends crazy as they are so tired of hearing about how great it’s going to be and your loss of appetite, well, sometimes is a good thing!

Then, when your in the thick of it, suddenly, it morphs. Right before your eyes it morphs into a whole new creature. It becomes more than you thought you saw the first time you jumped into it. Much like watching a sweet newborn baby and as if you had the ability to speed up time morphing this bundle of joy into a 5 year old. The same lovely child only older, more active and more engaging.

A year and a half ago I started out with what I believed to have presented itself as a little Bed and Breakfast. A fun way to meet people, entertain and start a new life, that’s what I thought I saw.  The whole project was so much more than anticipated but isn’t that the way life is? Through all of the remodeling, repairing, land clearing, planning and research there just seemed to be something missing. There was plenty DIY to be done, which I dearly love as I’m a carpenters' daughter but still something wasn't quite as it should be.


After sharing time with the property, observing the many animals, the abundance of birds, including 5 species of Wood Peckers and just the general culture of the land I realized why  this place had spoken to me in hushed tones of new life. There is that small part in each of us that says… “you are more than you think you are”. The part that reminds us our life here is but a one time affair and very short. I have learned so very much about myself while creating CedarBerry and possibly just allowed more of myself to surface. This has given me opportunity to find my “voice” so to speak. Not the voice so much in “blogging” but in life. This voice is the one of an “Un-Validated Artist”. The person that creates for themselves, not given to any fad or market. Just for the pleasure of creating. This is an artist. Creating the life you want, that makes you an artist. Un-Validated artist…That’s me. Except, I have now learned validation comes from myself not any one else. I am a "Self-Teaching Artist". Not "Self-Taught". My desire is to continually learn new techniques, mediums, and accept new challenges. Sharing this is what CedarBerry has become about. I will not impose art, I will help others discover the art in their own heart, validate their art and enjoy their creative life.

CedarBerry’s metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly has revealed a multi-colored  Creative Arts Center. A place to connect with yourself. A chance to re-examine your life and your heart and align them both for your best life. CedarBerry will encourage this through Art sessions for the novice and seasoned artist. Meta Health classes are offered to help discover the Beauty, Balance, and Breathe in your life by participation and 15 minute brain/art sessions followed by a 30 minute non-traditional Tai Chi for Better Balance and Movement class.

Lifesize Chessboard for Birthday Celebrations
 CedarBerry strives to celebrate the joy in everyday life. So many times this joy includes special occasions providing us with memories that last a lifetime. The creativity and imagination of a child is a bright spark in our lives and one to be celebrated and encouraged. CedarBerry will provide Themed Birthday Celebrations for kids of all ages. Costumes, yummy food, art projects and exciting decorations are all part of the fun celebrating.

The ideas for a place to celebrate life in the moment and to find new moments to celebrate became a massive and glorious show of shooting stars as I recognized what CedarBerry really would become. A culture of learning, health, celebration and acceptance.

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