Between Rocks and Roots

Yes... I know, very strange title. Unless you reside in North Western Arkansas. This is a beautiful place to live, wild life in abundance, gorgeous flowers, snow, eagles and rocks. Many, many rocks and if it's not rocks it's roots.

Actually, it all started when we decided to transplant this little lovely.


The digging... oh the digging, with a pick, mind you.  How do these beauties grow in rock?  I didn't realize the whole property would be covered with rock and roots... you would think I would have figured this out, no not me. I charged onward, determined to create a labyrinth by Christmas. Sparkly Christmas lights that weave a story of love on the ground. The heart of Christmas, of course.

With lights and stakes, ( plastic variety) I began the laborious attempt to "plant" stakes in the ground to uphold my fantasy in light. Um-Hmm, this is where the rocks meet the roots. We have these trees... everywhere, that are such a luxury at CedarBerry. Trees that are so tall and so majestic with deep, deep roots. Black Jack Oak, Cedar, Dogwood, hardwoods, it's a wonderful sight to behold. Trees that have roots that grow into the rocky terrain. So the lights, the stakes and with the addition of the hammer and flat head screwdriver the heart labyrinth graced our grounds in time for Christmas.

Between Rocks and Roots is a place to see what is growing at CedarBerry. Spring is on it's way and I can just feel the rocky landscape transforming into lush gardens!

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