Monday, February 27, 2012

FOREVER!!! and Someone Else

Yes, it's been forever since I posted on here. And yes I owe everyone a huge apology! the truth is....I've been having an affair ....{GASP}

That's right... I'm here to admit, confess. come clean...And the part is I'm not even ashamed!!!  such a HUSSY!!! I know!
Seriously, I'm having an affair with another blog. [sheepish little grin]..
I've missed you all so very much but had so much fun with the (other)
I wanted to pop over and invite you to the "Affair of Another Blog"

This is the little link...You'll find a blog - Monday's Musings-Blog and a few other things...the other "things" I have a feeling will be changing soon but I'll be sure and let you know. Monday's Musings gets a new post, well every Monday! Sometimes at 11:59 pm and other times earlier. It just depends on how much and how long I've been musing that day.


Come on over...These pics are from the "other" blog...hehe
I'm sure I'll be popping back here a few more times in the future.. Things are afoot 'round here.. Also ya might want to jump over and " like" the facebook page...the Faeries and Pixies have been cookin up some enchanted give aways lately...And they do so quibble over which are the most magical pieces they're sharing..

Hope to see ya there!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Culture of Art


Sometimes you see in life what you think is exactly what you’re going to do. You’ve been handed this amazing opportunity and you grab it. This is a good thing, a really great thing! You run with it, not blindly but in a focused intentional manner. You have all the giddy feelings that come with a new project. It’s almost like being in love…it’s all you can talk about, all you think about, drives your friends crazy as they are so tired of hearing about how great it’s going to be and your loss of appetite, well, sometimes is a good thing!

Then, when your in the thick of it, suddenly, it morphs. Right before your eyes it morphs into a whole new creature. It becomes more than you thought you saw the first time you jumped into it. Much like watching a sweet newborn baby and as if you had the ability to speed up time morphing this bundle of joy into a 5 year old. The same lovely child only older, more active and more engaging.

A year and a half ago I started out with what I believed to have presented itself as a little Bed and Breakfast. A fun way to meet people, entertain and start a new life, that’s what I thought I saw.  The whole project was so much more than anticipated but isn’t that the way life is? Through all of the remodeling, repairing, land clearing, planning and research there just seemed to be something missing. There was plenty DIY to be done, which I dearly love as I’m a carpenters' daughter but still something wasn't quite as it should be.


After sharing time with the property, observing the many animals, the abundance of birds, including 5 species of Wood Peckers and just the general culture of the land I realized why  this place had spoken to me in hushed tones of new life. There is that small part in each of us that says… “you are more than you think you are”. The part that reminds us our life here is but a one time affair and very short. I have learned so very much about myself while creating CedarBerry and possibly just allowed more of myself to surface. This has given me opportunity to find my “voice” so to speak. Not the voice so much in “blogging” but in life. This voice is the one of an “Un-Validated Artist”. The person that creates for themselves, not given to any fad or market. Just for the pleasure of creating. This is an artist. Creating the life you want, that makes you an artist. Un-Validated artist…That’s me. Except, I have now learned validation comes from myself not any one else. I am a "Self-Teaching Artist". Not "Self-Taught". My desire is to continually learn new techniques, mediums, and accept new challenges. Sharing this is what CedarBerry has become about. I will not impose art, I will help others discover the art in their own heart, validate their art and enjoy their creative life.

CedarBerry’s metamorphosis from cocoon to butterfly has revealed a multi-colored  Creative Arts Center. A place to connect with yourself. A chance to re-examine your life and your heart and align them both for your best life. CedarBerry will encourage this through Art sessions for the novice and seasoned artist. Meta Health classes are offered to help discover the Beauty, Balance, and Breathe in your life by participation and 15 minute brain/art sessions followed by a 30 minute non-traditional Tai Chi for Better Balance and Movement class.

Lifesize Chessboard for Birthday Celebrations
 CedarBerry strives to celebrate the joy in everyday life. So many times this joy includes special occasions providing us with memories that last a lifetime. The creativity and imagination of a child is a bright spark in our lives and one to be celebrated and encouraged. CedarBerry will provide Themed Birthday Celebrations for kids of all ages. Costumes, yummy food, art projects and exciting decorations are all part of the fun celebrating.

The ideas for a place to celebrate life in the moment and to find new moments to celebrate became a massive and glorious show of shooting stars as I recognized what CedarBerry really would become. A culture of learning, health, celebration and acceptance.

Information about these and other programs at Cedarberry LLC can be found at

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dragons and Trolls

Dragons and Trolls, oh my! CedarBerry is becoming more magical than even I thought!
At last posting, the dragon was about to be revealed to Blogland. Intently bent over the computer, thinking furiously, attempting to craft the most mystical and enchanting revelation of the illusive dragon, I was interrupted. Abruptly. Captured! Abducted, I tell you! Taken from the wonderful world of blogging in a most unceremonious way!
Now, I have heard of such beings before. I knew they were pranksters and prone to ornery little fits of mischievousness. I also had suspicioned them to be lurking around CedarBerry in the hidden crevices and underbrush. Especially when  awakening to such a fine mess as this!
troll mess
Only a stinky Troll would pull tricks like this. Like I said, I knew they were hanging about but seriously???
So, yes, I was captured by Trolls… Oh, the stench! Oh, the heat! The hours of torturous labor, unspeakable! How I survived, Heaven only knows. Survive I did and escape from my month long prison of forced labor. So very traumatic!
Happily, I have returned. The identity of the dragon finally to unveiled! The guesses have been wonderful ranging from smelly dog’s breathe to a raccoon, so fun.
At last, may I present to you the Infamous Dragon of CedarBerry. Well, what’s left of him. This was his clawed and scaly foot.
dragons foot
The next view is somewhat… just don’t look if you have a weak tummy.
dragonn entrails
This would be his ahem.. insides… yuck..

Oh wait I’m supposed to be showing his REAL identity. Oops!
dragon for real
If you guessed burn pile, your correct! You can see the dragon is creeping back on the left side of the picture, ARRGGHHHH This is a large branch from one of the many downed trees on CedarBerry.
dragon entrail not burn
Dragon Entrails??? Yup, stuff that doesn’t burn and goes to the Recycle Castle. 
We are in a continual clean up phase it seems. You’ll have to forgive me for having a little fun with the Dragon. The first time we set the pile on fire last summer it was piled a wee bit too umm… high. And we kinda, sorta, singed one of the extremely tall trees beside it. So this year the first burn was much better but the minute it started to burn the placement of the logs and brush leapt into the shape and size of a dragon. Of course, my imagination is generally running on overdrive, and viola! Dragon of CedarBerry.
Actually, there are many more characters that are yet to be revealed…
And the Trolls, well, I don’t think I have seen the last of them..
Thanks for playing along and for the fabulous guesses!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Dragon

CedarBerry has a dragon. I know it's hard to believe but yes, it's true. Every few months we defeat the monster only to have him return again and again.

He creeps back ever so slowly, just showing himself a little more and a little more. Then one day he is a full blown, fire breathing dragon with smoke swirling about his head and covering CedarBerry with such a stench. We battle on and on for hours at a time with rakes, waterhose and shovels fighting back his nasty snarls and the vicious heat he sets forth. Finally, just as day ends, success! He is defeated, til the next time.

Cedarberry is a magical place, no doubt! Without a free hand to wield a camara, you'll just have to guess what this monster really looks like.  Can you see him?

Tell me what he is and why he keeps coming back to terroize us...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Oh, the places you'll go! The places you'll go that you would otherwise never know!
You'll go down a stretchy dirt road
A lining of trees are what grow
Searching for new friends that glow

You'll come to a place that speaks of quiet grace
The Ozark National Science Center will slip into view
Here you'll find the Arkanas Women Bloggers Unplugged
With a big hug from Beth just for you

You'll soon discover a room full of bloggers all a chatter
Leaping from subject to subject
Having far too much to cover in such a short time
This is crux of the matter

Happy, happy, joy, joy!!
Herbs and Eggs and The Parkwife

SEE?? Cool, Huh
Dannie McCLain and Robyn aka Kinda a big deal 

You'll travel to Gener O City with AWBU
Amazing sponsors and parteners share an unending swaggy array
Ghiradelli Chocolate (oh yum), Off Botanicals and SC Johnson
offer their goodies while Field Notes, Petit Jean Meats, Heinz
And Collective Bias want also to play

The amazing swag!!!

You might even be lucky
Like me and win something just ducky
A wonderful smellorific gift of Mrs. Mayers Clean Day fun!
Shared from the ever thoughtful  NWAFoodie 

You'll go to AWBU for the sessions
Blogging 101 and Pulling Blog Topics Out of Thin Air
You'll hear eloquent speakers like Gwen and Shannon
You'll listen intently taking it all to heart
Only to realize blogging is really an ART

You'll go for three meals a day
Prepared in an old fashioned way
Food to be savored moment by moment
 With richly brewed coffee helping you stay awake 

 You'll meet one fiesty Bovine ready to help you craft a memory
Paper, pens, paint markers
What more could you ask
Elmers will supply it quick as a flash

You'll snip and fold, cut and scrunch
Getting just the right look for your
Memory board masterpiece from AWBU

Jodi creating a masterpiece

And take home you will
All the supplies for your creation
Elmers freely gives for further crafting adventure

Ladies please!!!
Britney and Jennifer

How many places can you go
So very many indeed
ONSC has trails for hiking
Turtles for liking
A luna moth or two

Beautiful grounds to roam
Decks to take in the view

Heidi and Kelly

Janie and Jackie

The cabins are cozy and quaint
Tucked away from it all
The education building, dining hall and common areas
They are beyond compare
But you could go futher than there
Much further if you dare
Especially with the Murphy Oil card
Given to one and all
Given at the AWBU 2011 affair

You'll find at AWBU 2011
The people who really do care
Who are making a difference
Arkansas Women Bloggers will be revered
As the most innovative and sincere group of women
In all of Blogosphere
You will be honored, as I, to have spent
A few short hours with these
The remarkable women of AWBU 2011 

The places you will go
You will have to go
When it comes round again in

This Dr Suess-ism is in honor of The Lorax performed by Ros and the gang at ONSC
Huge thanks to AWB
Also thanks to
ONSC for hosting and @bethanystephens
And all the lovely bloggers who attended this fabulous event!
You have all touched my heart and taught me so much more about blogging.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to The Regularly Scheduled Challenge

  A wow and crazy week has passed since the very challenging guest room remodel. Let's recap shall we? I really need to see that I have made progress here!

  This was the beginning. messy, messy.

  Popcorn on the floor. Pain in the neck to remove, literally!

  There goes the closet studs! This was cause for celebration!

  Now, we move onto today. There was unusually high humidity and very warm temperatures today which made priming the walls a miserable task. The removal of  years and layers of wall paper really added to the challenge. Well, that and my absolute impatiant self to ~ahem~ rip it off the wall. Yes, there is a better way. Did I do it in that manner? Of, course not. The end result is more work and having to wait even longer to have this room completed.

  This is wonderful! The closet is removed, the walls are repaired and all that is left here is to have the corner on the left repaired. I also need to add a second layer of mud onto the ceiling before painting.

  The whole room is now a lovely white. Primer that is. There are still remnants of the wallpaper around the room but as the oil primer dries it will either seal those pieces to the wall or I will remove them. After the primer dries, I'll be doing a mud-plaster technic possibly with fabric. (haven't decided yet on the fabric)

  If anyone has any suggestions on paint colors clue me in, please! I love paint but with this room gets so much evening sun the paint needs to be cool and welcoming. Not in the mood for purples or blues though, so I'm a bit stuck.

  Thanks for checking in with this over due challenge!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I Interrupt This Challenge to Bring You...

    Aw yes, life. It appears to remind us "best laid plans of mice and men" well, you know the rest. This wonderful rain that I so heartily embraced quickly put the kibosh on the challenge. No, we were blessed to not  have any damage or flooding. There is a funny thing that happens, well that could and probably would happen...

  When replacing things like closets and studs in ceilings for closets there are holes to be repaired. These holes are repaired with a substance known as.. wait for it...  "mud". Yup, affectionately known as "mud". There are technical terms for this but I like "mud" better. I am sure you are aware of this but "mud" is well, like mud. Humid weather, rain, will cause it to languish in it's dampened state. It is slothfully slow to dry in this weather.

  The studs came down without too much fuss and the drywall (sheet rock) hopped right into place.

   The ceiling studs are gone, woohoo!! Happy Dance! With tons of help from sweet hubby! The sheet rock is in place and ready for the "mud".

  It is official, there is no longer a closet in this room! Which in most places, this would not be a good thing but at CedarBerry, I love the spaciousness this removal lends!

  This brings us to the interruption. The next step for this lovely room is the special wall treatment I have planned. It will entail mudding the walls along with some "blingy" ( is this even a word) effects. Mud, in high humidity, somewhere around 100%,  just beckons to nightmares of mud melting off walls onto hardwood floors. I will, this one time forfeit, my timeline in lew of common sense.

 I am.though, so happy to have gotten this much accomplished! As soon as the humidity drops, I will be revealing more of the rooms transformation and it's name christening!

 In the mean time. I will share a couple of photos of future posts. Just a smidgen of a tease here.