Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dragons and Trolls

Dragons and Trolls, oh my! CedarBerry is becoming more magical than even I thought!
At last posting, the dragon was about to be revealed to Blogland. Intently bent over the computer, thinking furiously, attempting to craft the most mystical and enchanting revelation of the illusive dragon, I was interrupted. Abruptly. Captured! Abducted, I tell you! Taken from the wonderful world of blogging in a most unceremonious way!
Now, I have heard of such beings before. I knew they were pranksters and prone to ornery little fits of mischievousness. I also had suspicioned them to be lurking around CedarBerry in the hidden crevices and underbrush. Especially when  awakening to such a fine mess as this!
troll mess
Only a stinky Troll would pull tricks like this. Like I said, I knew they were hanging about but seriously???
So, yes, I was captured by Trolls… Oh, the stench! Oh, the heat! The hours of torturous labor, unspeakable! How I survived, Heaven only knows. Survive I did and escape from my month long prison of forced labor. So very traumatic!
Happily, I have returned. The identity of the dragon finally to unveiled! The guesses have been wonderful ranging from smelly dog’s breathe to a raccoon, so fun.
At last, may I present to you the Infamous Dragon of CedarBerry. Well, what’s left of him. This was his clawed and scaly foot.
dragons foot
The next view is somewhat… just don’t look if you have a weak tummy.
dragonn entrails
This would be his ahem.. insides… yuck..

Oh wait I’m supposed to be showing his REAL identity. Oops!
dragon for real
If you guessed burn pile, your correct! You can see the dragon is creeping back on the left side of the picture, ARRGGHHHH This is a large branch from one of the many downed trees on CedarBerry.
dragon entrail not burn
Dragon Entrails??? Yup, stuff that doesn’t burn and goes to the Recycle Castle. 
We are in a continual clean up phase it seems. You’ll have to forgive me for having a little fun with the Dragon. The first time we set the pile on fire last summer it was piled a wee bit too umm… high. And we kinda, sorta, singed one of the extremely tall trees beside it. So this year the first burn was much better but the minute it started to burn the placement of the logs and brush leapt into the shape and size of a dragon. Of course, my imagination is generally running on overdrive, and viola! Dragon of CedarBerry.
Actually, there are many more characters that are yet to be revealed…
And the Trolls, well, I don’t think I have seen the last of them..
Thanks for playing along and for the fabulous guesses!