Monday, February 27, 2012

FOREVER!!! and Someone Else

Yes, it's been forever since I posted on here. And yes I owe everyone a huge apology! the truth is....I've been having an affair ....{GASP}

That's right... I'm here to admit, confess. come clean...And the part is I'm not even ashamed!!!  such a HUSSY!!! I know!
Seriously, I'm having an affair with another blog. [sheepish little grin]..
I've missed you all so very much but had so much fun with the (other)
I wanted to pop over and invite you to the "Affair of Another Blog"

This is the little link...You'll find a blog - Monday's Musings-Blog and a few other things...the other "things" I have a feeling will be changing soon but I'll be sure and let you know. Monday's Musings gets a new post, well every Monday! Sometimes at 11:59 pm and other times earlier. It just depends on how much and how long I've been musing that day.


Come on over...These pics are from the "other" blog...hehe
I'm sure I'll be popping back here a few more times in the future.. Things are afoot 'round here.. Also ya might want to jump over and " like" the facebook page...the Faeries and Pixies have been cookin up some enchanted give aways lately...And they do so quibble over which are the most magical pieces they're sharing..

Hope to see ya there!

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WOWandTHEN said...

Hey friend.. thanks so much for the support.. you are one of the most inspiring people I know.. leaving you the Leibster award for bringing a smile and friendship to us..