Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to The Regularly Scheduled Challenge

  A wow and crazy week has passed since the very challenging guest room remodel. Let's recap shall we? I really need to see that I have made progress here!

  This was the beginning. messy, messy.

  Popcorn on the floor. Pain in the neck to remove, literally!

  There goes the closet studs! This was cause for celebration!

  Now, we move onto today. There was unusually high humidity and very warm temperatures today which made priming the walls a miserable task. The removal of  years and layers of wall paper really added to the challenge. Well, that and my absolute impatiant self to ~ahem~ rip it off the wall. Yes, there is a better way. Did I do it in that manner? Of, course not. The end result is more work and having to wait even longer to have this room completed.

  This is wonderful! The closet is removed, the walls are repaired and all that is left here is to have the corner on the left repaired. I also need to add a second layer of mud onto the ceiling before painting.

  The whole room is now a lovely white. Primer that is. There are still remnants of the wallpaper around the room but as the oil primer dries it will either seal those pieces to the wall or I will remove them. After the primer dries, I'll be doing a mud-plaster technic possibly with fabric. (haven't decided yet on the fabric)

  If anyone has any suggestions on paint colors clue me in, please! I love paint but with this room gets so much evening sun the paint needs to be cool and welcoming. Not in the mood for purples or blues though, so I'm a bit stuck.

  Thanks for checking in with this over due challenge!

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