Monday, May 23, 2011

I Interrupt This Challenge to Bring You...

    Aw yes, life. It appears to remind us "best laid plans of mice and men" well, you know the rest. This wonderful rain that I so heartily embraced quickly put the kibosh on the challenge. No, we were blessed to not  have any damage or flooding. There is a funny thing that happens, well that could and probably would happen...

  When replacing things like closets and studs in ceilings for closets there are holes to be repaired. These holes are repaired with a substance known as.. wait for it...  "mud". Yup, affectionately known as "mud". There are technical terms for this but I like "mud" better. I am sure you are aware of this but "mud" is well, like mud. Humid weather, rain, will cause it to languish in it's dampened state. It is slothfully slow to dry in this weather.

  The studs came down without too much fuss and the drywall (sheet rock) hopped right into place.

   The ceiling studs are gone, woohoo!! Happy Dance! With tons of help from sweet hubby! The sheet rock is in place and ready for the "mud".

  It is official, there is no longer a closet in this room! Which in most places, this would not be a good thing but at CedarBerry, I love the spaciousness this removal lends!

  This brings us to the interruption. The next step for this lovely room is the special wall treatment I have planned. It will entail mudding the walls along with some "blingy" ( is this even a word) effects. Mud, in high humidity, somewhere around 100%,  just beckons to nightmares of mud melting off walls onto hardwood floors. I will, this one time forfeit, my timeline in lew of common sense.

 I am.though, so happy to have gotten this much accomplished! As soon as the humidity drops, I will be revealing more of the rooms transformation and it's name christening!

 In the mean time. I will share a couple of photos of future posts. Just a smidgen of a tease here.

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