Saturday, May 21, 2011

Challenge: Day 2

      What started as an early day quickly became a long day. But a very good one. The popcorn came down easily enough. Removing it from the ceiling is not a difficult job just very messy.

Popcorn partially removed

Using a squirt bottle and a four inch blade it just piles on the floor. Normally I would cover the floor with plastic and anything else in the room. Since I want to re-poly the floor I was not too concerned with covering it.

Messy, messy popcorn floor

After the ceiling, it was onto the closet space. Oh my, so much to discover. First making sure the closet wall was not a load bearing wall. Would not be good to have the roof come down on in mid project. So house is built on trusses so we're good. Then the attack...UMMM where to start? I have tried before to just muscle these 2x4's apart, hehe.. yeah! Not a powerhouse here. SO bring in the saws-all. OK honestly, I really wanted to play with this thing. I love power tools! I know, not normal. Hubby comes in just to make sure I don't cut something off (leg, hand, foot, power chord). Of course, that means, he looks at the 2x4's from the closet, grabs the 3 ft crow bar and umm, yeah, pretty much demolishes the whole thing in 15 minutes!!! My ego? shot!! My new power toy? No need!  He then proceeds to say " you know, there's some dust on that saws-all. I don't think you can return it" Yup, that's code for "I really want to keep the shiny new power tool".. Anywho..

This is what is left of the closet today. On to the next problem, as you look at the remains of the closet, the back of the 2x4 at the left of picture of the ceiling is up into the attic space. Hmm... wondering how I can fix that without getting in the attic! The frame of this closet on the ceiling isn't going to come out so I'm open to suggestions about how to camouflage this.

Lastly, the day ended with the painting of the ceiling. I completely forgot to list this on the project list! At least I didn't forget to do it! On to tomorrow!! Now let's cross some items off this project list!

Clear room...uggghhhh
Remove popcorn from ceiling-dirty nasty neck pain job
Paint ceiling -YAY forgot to put this on means I finished extra right?
Take out studs where closet used to be-remember to by beg or borrow a saws-all Bought!!
Search for new wall coverings-might throw me off schedule
Apply wall coverings-another time scare Oh, Plaster, Fabric, Create something cool?
Clean hardwood floor- the cracks, yuck!!
Change out light receptacles & switches-bat eye lashes and ask hubby sweetly
Seal hard wood-easy-peasy
Furnish and style- FUN! FUN! FUN!
Go to Starbucks for celebratory Mocha!!

Wow, that doesn't look like much does it? According to my neck and shoulders it's plenty!!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Sandy! Wow! You really have taken on a big project! I admire your courage! And email hasn't changed. I think I had an extra space in there somewhere if you copied and pasted. Here it is:
Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

sandy moss said...

Thanks Debbie!
That's exactly what I did.. copy and paste queen here! Makes me feel like I'm not so technically challenged. I will try again!