Saturday, May 21, 2011

Continuing the Challenge

    Yesterday's challenge is in full swing, with hammer I might add. After a slight false start caused by the HUGE delivery of rock for the parking lot the game was afoot. I think time wise I was finally able to jump in around 1:15. This puts my desired finish time somewhere around 1:00 on Monday.

    The clearing of course took far too long. I am determined to find a place for everything as I remove it from the room. Unfortunately, no luck with hubby's Indian War making paintings. A couple of snafu's that always something unexpected when pops up when uncovering walls and ceilings and such. One not so quick trip to Lowe's, yeah it's about a half hour from where I live, to purchase the much needed Hitachi saws-all. That definitely eats up some time. But I think I'm in good shape. Today will be a long one and that is a very good thing!

Pictures to come this evening!!

OK the updated list of projects to tackle:

Clear room...uggghhhh
Remove popcorn from ceiling-dirty nasty neck pain job
Take out studs where closet used to be-remember to by beg or borrow a saws-all Bought!!
Search for new wall coverings-might throw me off schedule
Apply wall coverings-another time scare  Oh, Plaster, Fabric, Create something cool?
Clean hardwood floor- the cracks, yuck!!
Change out light receptacles & switches-bat eye lashes and ask hubby sweetly
Seal hard wood-easy-peasy
Furnish and style- FUN! FUN! FUN!
Go to Starbucks for celebratory Mocha!!


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what a saws-all is. It sounds dangerous....

Something I should never touch.

Glad you are blogging again, Mrs. Reluctant Blogger.

Where are the "after photos?" The BEFORE pix will keep me awake at night. I need AFTER quickly!!!


sandy moss said...

Well, I'm working on the after part as we speak! Including pictures of a my new saw-all better know as a reciprocating saw. In fact it's so scary hubby may not let me play with it:(

Julie Johnson said...

I don't touch power tools. When I do I usually 1. break them or 2. cut the cord and cause a little spark and shock. Sometimes my inability to handle them works to my advantage. :) Hmm...I don't see a paint color. What are you thinking of doing? Lowes is the place...although Home Depot is closer to our home. Keep at it. I've found blogging is a tremendous motivator sometimes. :)
p.s. get the mocha soon!

sandy moss said...

Julie! Your right blogging is very motivational! I totally get the power tool thing too! I picked up the saw last night with the paint roller in other hand not realizing the saw was still plugged in. Yup hit the trigger and just about cut the wet vac hose into before I could safely put the saw down. Hubby was right there to witness, of course. Visions of Lucille Ball ran through my brain as he laughed.

Karen Hartzell said...

You seriously have your hands full! Good for you for tackling that huge project list!

If it was me, would have skipped to the celebratory mocha and been calling a contractor while sipping it! lol