Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Great Challenge

            When you discover you work best under pressure it might be a good thing. And, yes, that is what I've discovered. I can achieve huge and colossal undertakings when given just the right amount of pressure. I have decided this will be a blessing to me and not a hindrance. I will change my focus and adjust my lens in order to see more clearly. Wipe the fog from the mirror and blow the mist away to remove the distortion that is the image of me.

So now to apply the slightest amount of pressure.. a little more...just a wee bit more. There, perfect!

Are you totally confused? Good! The location is the upstairs guest room. Brace yourself it is not pretty.


  A year ago I attempted to remove the wallpaper border, chair rail height, no big, right? Ha, yeah, right. Seems there were actually three layers of wallpaper dating back to the mid country-fied 8o's. Not sure what they applied wall paper with back then but may have been super glue. As you can see more than just the paper came off and this was with a steamer.

               So yes, picture me walking out with a huge HARRUMPH! of disgust. Fast forward almost a year. It has become the cat off room. The room that collects. Granted it was a mess before. The last inhabitant was a smoker, hence the hurry to get the wall paper out, and was, shall we say not friends with cleaning tools?


            This brings me to the challenge. We are forecast rain for about the next three days. I am challenging myself to finish this room in three days, top to bottom. Most of this remodel will be done by myself but I'm not into electrical yet so hubby will help. SHHhh!!! he doesn't know yet. I will post the articles to be transformed and the time I actually start and cross off what is finished as each is completed.

       The pressure, well blogging about it. Can you imagine being on one of those HGTV timed design shows? Having the world watch your almost every step or mis-step? Add to this the fact that I am not the most constant blogger in Blogland. OK,well I sometimes lose my map to Blogland and get lost somewhere in the land of Good Intentions.

Ok the list of projects to tackle:
Clear room...uggghhhh
Remove popcorn from ceiling-dirty nasty neck pain job
Take out studs where closet used to be-remember to by beg or borrow a saws-all
Search for new wall coverings-might throw me off schedule
Apply wall coverings-another time scare
Clean hardwood floor- the cracks, yuck!!
Change out light receptacles & switches-bat eye lashes and ask hubby sweetly
Seal hard wood-easy-peasy
Furnish and style- FUN! FUN! FUN!
Go to Starbucks for celebratory Mocha!!

Here goes!!

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